HTTP Injector APK – Download [Latest] v5.2.5 For Android & Use [SSH/PROXY/VPN]

Http Injector APK is an alternative VPN Service that offers secure & private internet surfing. It provides an encrypted connection with SSH, Proxy, DNS Tunnel, Shadow socks, V2Ray such functionalities and also allow to configure the HTTP Header and your own current using the server. Furthermore, using the APK filters, one can bypass the firewall to unlock the blocked website or URL. Https Injector APK keeps the information secure while using any Wi-Fi and any private internet connection.

Supportive VersionAndroid 3.5 & Higher
App Versionv5.2.5 Latest
DeveloperHTTP NIC
License TypeFree!

Millions of active users are streaming this service, Although it is an external apk service which needs to download from any Official/Unofficial platform For your current operating device. Either Android or IOS, it works perfectly on both platforms and can’t consume much space to install. Additionally, It has Advertisement free responsive user-interface and offers premium features freeware. The Https Injector APK is available over the global platform; One can grab such apk from anywhere.



Version: Latest

Download: 10M+


  • SSH SSL TLS tunnelling For secure connection.
  • PROXY, DNS, VPN, IP Hunter, Host Checker and other Special Features.
  • Support Header & Server customization.
  • No need to Root for use.
  • Free for irritative Ads.
  • Responsive User-Interface.
  • It has a ‘Upgrade Pro’ Premium plan.
  • Worldwide Availability in Hindi, English, Spanish languages.

New Version Offers?

The Latest HTTP Injector APK offers exciting features and import/Export the configured file for further use. Additionally, You can enhance the real-time Network speed and diagnose the troubleshoot to fix it with Debug Mode’s help. Moreover, one can check the current IP Address and give complete detail of your Android device. Follow up the details for further info.

  • Payload Generator: It needs SSL/TLS & Server Name Indication to generate the payload.
  • Check Ip: track your IP Address with the county.
  • Radio Network: gives you complete phone information.
  • Network Speed: Monitor your real-time using the network and make it a graphical record.
  • Diagnostic: help to diagnose the bug.
  • Debug Mode: Allow debug mode to fix the troubleshoot.


Remember Before Download!

Before downloading the APK, you need to cover some basic requirements. Firstly check storage capacity, battery life, reset the device and Enable USB Debugging and unknown source option. Also, it doesn’t require any root privilege but keep in mind to update the apk on a timely basis.

  • 1 GB Of System RAM.
  • 4GB Of Internal Storage.
  • 3g/4g Internet connection.
  • Enable>USB Debugging Mode.
  • Enable>Unknown Source Option.

Premium Subscription Plan

HTTP Injector Pro APK charges you to unlock more exciting paid features as per the premium plan. It offers upto 40% discount for the first transaction, and if you get a lifetime plan, it offers upto 60% discount rate. Using any payment method such as Debit/Credit Card, Google Pay, Paypal and other payment services, one can purchase the Premium Plan.

  • Basic Plan: It cost $2.87 / Year
  • Advance Plan: It cost $3.88 / Year.
  • Ultimate Plan: It cost $13.64/LifeTime.

Why the HTTP Injector APK Best?

Not only the experts, A non-technical unprofessional user can efficiently operate such apk. And set the custom header or use the Free VPN service as well. The service is vital enough one can easily bypass the firewall and block/unblock the website if you fail to operate the APK so you may have a reference with the @officialsite.


Download HTTP Injector APK For Android

Download the HTTP Injector APK Latest Version For Android-2021 at no cost and prepare the device for secure installation. Make sure you download the apk from any reliable site or any Official Play Store because Malicious APK files may harm your Android device.

  • Click here to get the HTTP Injector APK.
  • Accept the T&C.
  • Wait…. it’s downloading.
  • Click to install the APK.
  • Hang on, APk would automatically launch.
  • Customize the overall setting for use.
  • You can also access this apk on PC & Mac, just Install the reliable emulator for PC.

Steps to Access HTTP Injector APK

Alternatively, It is the best destination to get complete device protection. The APK comes with the Responsive User-Interface, follow the guided tutorial to know how to use the APK.

  • Open the APK.
  •  It Doesn’t require registration.
  • Home screen incorporated Log, Tools & Helps option.
  • Navigate the Left Menu-Bar to access APK Features.
  • Wheal sign is the symbol of setting which helps to customize the APK.
  • Click over the ‘Update to Pro’ option to get a Premium Plan.

Is HTTP Injector APK Safe?

Undoubtedly, The HTTP Injector APK is purely secure APK, despite being a secure network, It offers you 24*7 customer care support for better service. With the help of the APK you can access the Blocked URL, use different VPN servers & also configure it.

Does it void the warranty of the device?

There is no confusion about the security of your device Operating-system, The APK doesn’t void it. Http Injector works over the unrooted device but if you have already rooted earlier than also you may access the APK. It doesn’t recommend the Root Privilege because it could harm your Android device.

Fix Some Unusual Errors

Unreachable VPN server: Crosscheck that the VPN Server address, username, password, and Set the router and firewall settings.

Err_Proxy_Connection_Failed: Check the Default setting and try to roll again with your current browser.

SSH host key verification failed: Check the root directory and remove the entry in the /root/.ssh/known_hosts.

Failed to obtain IP address: Check the Internet connection while using such functionality.

Wrapping Up

Despite downloading multiple apps, get the most popular allrounder HTTP Injector APK Latest version to use advanced features freeware. It hides the users’ personal information and allows access to blocked/banned any websites or URL. Beside security & unblock the website, it enhances the overall device acceleration and upgrades the internet browsing speed. Additionally, you can configure the personal server or use different Global-level servers enlisted in the servers’ option for further optimization. Just click over the Download button to get this versatile apk at free of cost.


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