Leap Droid Emulator – Download [Latest] V1.0.77 For Windows & Mac

LeapDroid Android Emulator is an incredible approach that allows users to run Android APK and Games in Windows. This customizable software enhances the overall user experience and facilitates with many exciting features. Also, you get HD-Quality Graphics with ultra resolution while playing a game.


Version: Latest

Version Support: Windows & Mac

Last Update: 3 days ago

NameLeapDroid Emulator
Operating SystemWindows XP/8/10+
VersionV1.0.77 Latest
License TypeFree!

LeapDroid has designed via Advanced technology with the concept of HD-Graphics and Battery Life. Additionally, You can record the APK or any Game For streaming purposes. Millions of Active users worldwide now connect with Leapdroid. Click over the Download button and get the versatile Application.

Featuer Of LeapDroid Emulator

  • Responsive Interface with No-Ads disturbance.
  • Customizing acceptability with smoother execution.
  • Offer HD-Graphics with intensive resolution.
  • Recording mode enables the gameplay steaming.
  • Allow Configuration & control to the external peripherals.
  • 98% Compatible with Android APK & Game.
  • Support peripherals like Keyboard, Gamepad, Joystick & more.

Customization Controls Options


Official Leapdroid Android Emulator offers fantastic services, including customizing keyboard controllation. The advanced controlling service allows users to attach up to input 10 peripherals. Additionally, you can use a Gamepad/Joystick or any touch-censored keyboard while playing any battlefield game. However, you can set the sensors-keyboard as the default keyboard setting because it is highly sensitive, which works over the motions & hot-keys, which gives you a better experience within the gameplay. Follow the short- essential functions listed below.

  • It allows us to connect upto 10 peripherals.
  • One can use Joystick/Gamepad/Trackball or Keyboard.
  • Working Direction: ‘W’ Move Forward, ‘A’ Move Left, ‘S’ Move Back, ‘D’ Move Right.
  • Alt + Mouse-Click || Alt + L Lock & Unlock.
  • F1 For Control Scan & F7 For Record Screen.
  • CLT + F9 For Screenshots.
  • Space Bar For Stop.

Graphics settings

For better visual clarity and a responsive experience, You should optimize the graphical setting. Intrinsically, The emulator comes with the predefined default setting that could be improvised further as required. However, you wanna set the graphic setting to ensure that the current using the device’s Ram & Storage and Operating system can accept the setting. Because it directly affects the graphic chipset and there are a few chances where the technical-leg could appear. Follow up the guided instruction for the proper graphic setting.

  • Launch the Intel Graphics Control Panel.
  • Select the 3D settings option.
  • Set the listed property for required resolution.
  • Optimal Mode: Enable It.

What’s Advantages with the Latest Version


LeapDroid Emulator is an incredible application for PC, as it offers access to new advanced features and services with intense graphics. Also, one can Record the Screen with Audio for stream and share it through any online platform. Also, it’s a highly adjustable Emulator and not only provides a Bug-free environment; even it gives you security from any unknown malicious activity viruses and malware. Furthermore, there are various benefits provided through LeapDroid. Such as HD, Full HD, and Ultra HD, Resolutions, Audio Mode, Themes, Background-services, Recording, Live Location & more.

Download LeapDroid Emulator

LeapDroid is the finest application for Android users; One can easily access Android APK & Games Over an ultra-HD Screen for enhancing the experience upto the highest limit. The user can grab this Advancely design Emulator for free. Follow the short tutorial and Enjoy your experience with the LeapDroid.

  • Tap on the Download LeapDroid button.
  • Now locate the file in the download folder.
  • Allow the system debug option.
  • Further, Switch off the Security firewall.
  •  And disable the Antivirus if it exists.
  • Get Install the Emulator.

System Requirements

  • Windows 7 /8/10 and above|| MAC.
  • Minimum required 2GB HDD.
  • Minimum required 2GB RAM.
  • Minimum required Ram 1 GB.

Configure the Download File

  • Install the APK completely.
  • Wait…It automatically launches.
  • Click over the three-dotted lines for the setting.
  • Set the options for proper functioning.
  • Graphics, proxy, GUI, Peripheral, Options and more.

In case you couldn’t install the emulator on PC or it depicts some unusual errors, Just click over the download button to re-download the APK or may download the APK from somewhere else, Then try again.

Quick Guided Tutorial of LeapDroid

Leap Droid Android Emulator Latest version-2020 is a Windows & Mac compatible application. Additionally, it has developed via advanced architectural design, which supports many features and backend services. Although,The APK suggests you via Auto-visible guided library to perform the related task. Check out the listed point to know how to operate the LeapDroid Emulator.

  • Let’s On the PC.
  • Launch the LeapDroid Application.
  • Set the Emulator’s overall setting.
  • Allow Internet connection.
  • Set the Resolution, Display, Screen Time, and another function.
  • Now, Run the APK and Play 3-D games with the Ultra Screen.

Fix the Leap Droid issues?

Sometimes due to technical-legs, You can face some kind of issues. Check it out, Here is a few mentioned Possible Error with its solution.

How to Fix 98% Stuck Loading Error

Go ahead with the control panel setting> uninstall the preinstalled Share APK. Now Launch the Window Defender> Turn Off the Antivirus setting & System Firewall>Then Try again.

How to Fix Keys Not Working Error

Discover the setting option, then select the controls & Customise property> Reset It> Then Select the keymap mod.

How to Fix Graphics Driver Error

Launch the Control panel & go ahead with Driver setting > Find out the outdated driver & reinstall it.

Or download the Driver booster software “It automatically grabs and shows the outdated driver” > Tap on the install button.


Leapdroid Download APK-2021 and unlock various features at no cost. It is a light-weight apk and couldn’t weight-up much space to install and support both the 32 & 64-bit versions. Download Leapdroid apk and avoid Battery drainage, Hanging issues, and another Technical bug. Additionally, It offers Auto-customizing properties that allow users to speed up the performance and set the visual graphics that enhance gaming resolutions. Moreover, the APK has a Responsive User-Interface incorporated core features on the Dashboard bottom bar that allow the user to operate the overall APK.

Leap droid is a highly secured APK that partially scans itself to protect it from malicious activity. Be sure to update The APK on time that helps you in touch with the latest technology Because The APK is regularly modifying itself to add new exciting features and enhance the overall experience.

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