Parallel Space – Download the [Latest] v4.0.8895 Free For Android APK

Parallel Space APK is a Cloning tool which is feasible to run multiple accounts, protect privacy, and allow dual app opportunity in Androids. It supports the Incognito Installation feature that helps to make the app invisible in the Home-screen. Through virtualization, this app creates a virtual space to install the same as the original one, and simultaneously operate the two accounts. parallel space does allow to run multiple accounts of social media sites, emails, messages, games, and so on at the same time.

Parallel Space Apk

Version: Latest

Supportive Version: Android 2.0 & above

Last Updaet: 3 days ago


  • Parallel APK Available in 24 languages.
  • Simultaneously operate multiple accounts.
  • Almost every app runs through Parallel space.
  • Fully compatible with Android all versions.
  • Parallel Space APK Hides apps, games, Image, Video, and more.
  • It Protects privacy by the Incognito Installation feature.
  • Switching between both accounts by a single tap.
  • It creates a customized space and applies themes & wallpapers.

Parallel Space APK-2020

Parallel Space APK allows users to make a cloning account that authenticates you to use multiple accounts in a single device. Cloning account is a totally separated and independent space area that is created by this parallel space app, which means you can create two different home-screen within a Single OS as well as you can operate in parallelly at the same time. You can also hide the cloning space and the app icon, which can not be accessed or notified except you. Virtualization Engine allows this application to make a virtual space. Further, users can define the size of the virtual area and apply the theme or wallpaper to set it as an original one. The Incognito Window feature of this parallel multi account app helps you to set, protect, and hide the app or games in the virtual space area.

Parralel Space

Users can manage their private data with this application. Several of the data that is private and could not share with others in this situation this application helps you to keep it secret. don’t bother for the data loss, parallel space apk is 100% secure, as well as you can install the several application on it such as parallel whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, PUBG, Clash of Clans, tekken3 and so on and get better performance and a beautiful experience to manage dual Home-Screen or dual application simultaneously. The android device improved continuously and the application graph also increases with time, Further Parallel Space APK regularly updating itself with new API’s to serve device compatibility that allow to access new updated devices and applications, The new updated version of this application is parallel pro apk which incorporated better interface with high security. For low bandwidth devices, the user may go with the lite version.


How To FIX “Parallel Space Keeps Stopping Error”

Parallel Space apk is a cloning application that basically controls the entire OS setting and against the Android default basic setting rule. Formally if this application might crash, It does not corrupt your private data or any file available inside it. Be ensure before to use this Parallel app, allow your device developer mode.

The following are the bullet points that help to overcome this issue.

  • Open the Setting.
  • Go ahead with the ‘App’ option.
  • Tap over the ‘Manage Apps’ option.
  • Scroll down and find parallel app multi account APK icon and select it.
  • Open the storage file inside it.
  • Then, Clear the data and cache file.
  • Reboot the device now you see the issue has solved.

How To FIX “Parse Error Of Android To Install Parallel Space”

Whenever the parallel space apk download free application get failed to install you might see this kind of error, It is commonly seen by most users, this is not only a reason for Parse error, instead of some more major reason behind it, The main takeaway for this error to rub a third-party app installation on an Android.

Error:– Parse Error (“There was a problem parsing the Package”.)

Following are the main storms to solve such errors.

  • Update the latest version of the current apk.
  • Check If this download parallel space application is compatible for Android or not.
  • Enable unknown sources or some required permission.
  • Temporarily disable Android Antivirus or such other security features.
  • Turn on USB debugging mode.
  • Finally, Reboot your device and use this app  again.

Parallel Space APK  Latest Versions

Download parallel space apk is an incredible-one for the growing application world, which provides the ability to use multiple applications simultaneously. It puts down all the barriers for uncertified apps and allows their inclusion in this apk. parallel app old version is running out, and now it is updated with the new one. Besides all the convenience, one more important feature of parallel app pro apk download is that it is the latest pro version available with more efficient features. And the parallel app space lite is its light-weight version, which supports low bandwidth devices and does not weigh-up your device. parallel space pro and parallel app lite both the versions to be highly updated and incorporate many features and are more efficient compared to the old one. This application is made up of the latest technology with an optimized user responsive interface to provide better compatibility. We have mentioned the link with this post to download both versions of this application.

How To Download Paralel Space Mod APK?

parallel space mod apk is easy to download and free of cost application, Download this application to follow the below-given step.

  • Click the below-given link to download.
  • Allow Unknown-Source Option.
  • Accept required permissions.
  • Tap on apk for Installation.


App Size5.8 MB
DeveloperLBE Tech

Parallel Space For PC

  • Click the above-given link to download Parallel Space app.
  • Download BlueStake, Such an emulator.
  • Install this emulator on PC.
  • Then install this Parallel Space APK in BlueStack.
  • Now you may access this apk on PC.

How to Use Parallel Space APK

parallel space apk download is an advanced developed application that automatically adjusts with your smartphones. Use this application to create a dummy account, run your favorite applications or games, and parallelly protect your secret data with parallel multi-account applications. So scroll down the listed query will help you to operate this app.

  • Open The Tool.
  • Want to create a clone, with Parallel apk, then follow the procedure.
  • Select ‘Create another Space’ option and click for creating.
  • Choose all the apps which you want in another account.
  • Be clear, parallel space app shows only those apps which are already download in the system.
  • Select all the procedures and click to create the space with all your required apps & games.
  • Hide app’s use the ‘Spy eye’ Incognito window feature to keep it private.
  • 3-line of the top right corner is for app-settings like notifications, themes, Password.


Download Parallel Space Apk manages all the apps & games parallelly keeps your data secret and secure. This cloning parallel app application is free from malware such viruses and does not require any rooted device for the run. Further, allot your latest trending feature for optimization. Parallel space apk 2020 manage your multiple accounts with all your related stuff and juncture you to organize your data as per the desire. This application is suitable for various devices and takes control over the setting to manage all your apps and games and do not leg off. With this parallel space app pro application, you do not face a hang problem or a not responding issue. Instead, it enhances the speed and performance of your device and keeps it clean and healthy.

This is the Most recommended application with a responsive interface and does not consume much memory and battery, While Parallel Space apk is trending as well millions of active users are now approaching this application. Today’s rapidly growing usage of applications is now feasible to manage by this Parallel apk or its Parallel apk pro version. If you are using any low-bandwidth device, then try with this Parallel apk lite application.

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