PCSX2 – Play Station 2 emulator For Android, Windows, Linux & Mac (Official)

PCSX2 is a tool which emulates almost All PlayStation 2 games with high-resolution graphics and speed. It is auto-equipped with plug-ins for custom configuration and better thrilling performance. Each pcsx2 emulator plug-ins incorporating specific work to satisfy several functions such as Audio, Graphics, Controller, USB and more add-ons to enhance better performance. pcsx2 is an open-source platform-independent PS2 emulator that supports multiple devices with OS such as Android, Windows & Mac. pcsx2 setup contains dynamic translators for the PS2’s MIPS and VU chips & based on an in-build efficient plugin architecture, from the core emulator.


PCSX2 LogoVersion: Latest

Supportive version: Windows & Mac

Last Update: 3 days ago


  • pcsx2 emulator available in Multiple languages.
  • Linux, Mac, and Windows 32/64 bit OS supported.
  • JPG & BMP screenshot with gameplay video recording
  • Keyboard shortcuts and optimized sound supportive.
  • It supports JoyStick and a graphic card.
  • Via various ‘recompilers’ improve performance.
  • Save states and dynamic recompilation supportive.
  • Cheat codes supported by PCSX2.

Built-In Plugins with Thriller Gaming Experience

pcsx2 setup is committed to giving a better gaming experience to users. Further The graphic, sound, hard drive, and input stream all the subsystem is dependent on plugins and PCSX2 emulator formulate all the functions with securely and speedily through plug-ins. Additionally, It has an inbuilt plugins facility to maintain all the functionality and services, which results as a well-mannered gaming experience.

  • GS graphical pcsx2 plugins. Responsible for High-Quality Graphics.
  • PAD controller plug-in, Keyboard & gamepad customization which lets you control the gameplay.
  • SPU2 sound plug-in. That maintain the music and sound effects in the gameplay.
  • CDVD CD/DVD plug-in. Responsible for reading CDs/DVDs or images.
  • USB plug-in. That controls the USB port.
  • FW plug-in. Firewire port control by this plugin.
  • DEV9 hard disk & Ethernet plug-in. That controls the HDD and ethernet driver.

Keyboard Customization Controller Setting

When you emulate PS2 or any pcsx2 games on Windows or Mac users should customize the pcsx2 controller setup to have better gaming facility, “Hot-key” a keyboard shortcut keys that perform the diverse gaming functions during the gameplay. There is no need to add other external functionality to record the screen while operating the game or make a screenshot for gameplay. All the features are setted-up inside for better resolution and comfort.

Following are the Hot-Keys
F1: Save State.F10: Enable/Disable Logging
F2: Change Slots.  F12: Video Recording
F3: Load State. Tab: Turbo mode
F4: Turn On/Off Framelimiter   Shift+Tab: Slow Mode
F5: Switch deinterlacing modesInsert: Turn On/Off mipmapping
F6: Switch Aspect Ratios. Home: Turn On/Off External FX Shader
F7: Switch TV ShadersESC: Pause emulation & return to GUI
F8: Capture ScreenShotDelete: Turn On/Off Edge Anti-Aliasing
F9: Switch Hardware/Software Mode  Page Up: Turn On/Off FXAA

PCSX2 Cheats

Ps2 games have loaded with higher resolution graphics, Audio, Video, and more add-on filters that facilitate gamer those experiences which he has never enjoyed before. Also, a user can use a dynamically pcsx2 cheats or pcsx2 cheat converter(omniconverter) to convert the raw codes for making a pnatch format file. Else you can download several of the pcsx2 cheats through the internet and place the file onto the “Cheat folder” of your PCSX2 directory. The directory location is similar to the “C:\Program Files (x86)\PCSX2\cheats”. Here you can paste the pcsx2 cheats files onto the “Cheats Folder”. Then launch the PCSX2 emulator on the system and activate the cheats.

How to download PCSX2

pcsx2 download latest version for windows & mac is an easy and compatible emulator program which allows playing all-PS2 games with better gaming resolution embedded with many add-ons. pcsx2 setup is a demanding tool that requires specific criteria of the system configuration to install its files and directories. Intrinsically, this setup is a software application incorporating many files and related directories wrapped under the .rar file. To download pcsx2 emulator follow the guided point mentioned below.

  • Click over the download button to get this file.
  • Disable the Firewall & Antivirus during Installation.
  • Properly Unzip the file in the desktop panel.
  • Now follow the Below listed Step to use this file with PC & Mac.

How to use PCSx2 with PC

pcsx2 1.5.0 is a highly configured emulator program that is trusted worldwide for his service and performances, PCSX2 latest version is under the zip file, user may extract it for use onto PC & Mac.

Following the installation, instructions to download the PCSX2 emulator for PS2 gaming.

  • Download the pcsx2 1.5 file to click over the download button link or try out any Web-Browser.
  • Before Install, Configure it with the pcsx2 bios search path to set the path of the unzipped folder.
  • Here start the installation of PCSX2.exe file with ‘Run as Administrator’ by right-clicking on it.
  • Now configure the emulator for better gemming functionality to use the guidebook.txt.
  • Place any CD/DVD of your favourite games into the PC.
  • Either user can create an IOS file of the disk by installing ImgBurn.
  • Now enjoy the pcsx2 games and play with your friends.

How to use a USB Joystick on PCSX2

PCSX2 emulator is the main storm of PS2 gaming, all king of the game can be easily supported via the controller. It provides the multiple connector facilities such as USB services to connect multiple controllers to play games with friends, means the user can play a single game with various friends using the external controller. There are diverse controllers to connect with PCSX2 such as Sony PS3 controller, JoyStick, and more. Also, you can do pcsx2 best settings or customize the emulator setting to make it user compatible.

  • Plug the USB connector to the PC.
  • Enable the External device setting to connect the USB controller to the emulator.
  • pcsx2 keyboard controls incorporate all the controlling functions of the gameplay.
  • Configure the setting of the controller according to the gameplay.
  • Enjoy your favourite game with multiple friends.

PCSX2 Crashing problem

Several aspects are responsible for crashing a system, Control switching & Hardware/Software switching could one of the reasons to cause crashes. Sometimes log warns the user for the wait, but the ignorance becomes the main function to make a crash, Windows basic error, or do not disable the anti-virus during the installation of PCSX2 make a cause of crashes. Intrinsically, pcsx2 compatibility issue could not occur normally, however the client system running under the damage or any corrupt file want to install in the system, it shows such type of errors. To overcome this kind of error, please use the high configured PC and be careful to follow all the instructions and warn of the running program.

Graphical glitches which occur while emulating the program

Sometimes garbage texture missed effects, light sources visibility, objects & transparent objects become foggy or whenever faulty graphic design should set, it should be the cause of the graphical glitch and the pcsx2 compatibility has destroyed. A user must set the proper graphic setting of the current program or alternatively clean the junk file to overcome the glitch issues.

How to Fix PCSX2 Emulator Black Screen “CDVD READ ERROR”

Whenever “CDVD READ ERROR” Black/Dead Screen error shown in the program log, this happens while operating multiple games with miss-configured PS2 emulator setting.

Following are the suctioning methods

  • Re-Install PCSX2 emulator latest version.
  • Enable the Direct3D9 Hardware setting.
  • Enable the Direct3D11 Hardware setting.
  • Use ISO file instead of the actual gaming CD/DVD

Fluctuating emulation performance while operating the PS2

CPU power is responsible for Fluctuating emulation in the game. Game itself is a high configured programming file, lower GPU has much lower RAM and other configurations that will crush the game. PCSX2 required high back support of CPU power to run properly and maintain the performance of the game.

Following are the minimum configurations required to run PCSX2 properly.

  • OS: Windows 7/8/10 (32/64-bit) or GNU/Linux (32/64-bit)
  • CPU: Intel Haswell 4xxx series (or AMD equivalent) @ 2000 STR or better
  • GPU: DirectX 11 GPU or greater
  • RAM: 4GB or more


pcsx2 android latest version-2020 is the new incredible approach towards the ps2 gaming zone, Which allows users to access high-resolution PS2 games in their Android devices. Intrinsically the PCSX2 emulator offers to play PS2 games on Windows, Linux & Mac operating systems. Now the updated version of PCSX2 PS2-emulator for Android allows you to access all the features and functionality in your Android phones as well as users can access all the PS2 games in his Computer systems.

It is designed with the latest technology architectural view to provide a better interface and facilities to users with the ‘Hot-Keys’ to customize the emulator overview while playing the game. PCSX2 Emulator provides up to 10x peripheral controllers attached with the system such as any Gamepad or Joystick to play with friends.

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