Tekken 3 – 3D Combat [Latest] v1.1 Thiriling Game Free For Android APK

Tekken 3 game series is the most popular thrilling combat series ever exist. It is full of Thrill & adventure game series. Tekken season 3 maintains the trend of fighting battle series with more interesting tekken 3 characters and features. It is an updated version of the Tekken game series. This series is based upon the martial art contest, which is themselves a legendary art. This game is based upon the King of Iron Fist, a paramilitary battle. The arcade Tekken 3 game series is the heart of the PS2 player, and now it is available for Android users.


taken 3

Version: Latest

Suportive Version: Android 2.3 & Above

Last Update: 3 days ago

Tekken 3 Feature

  • Sensitive gameplay controller.
  • It has multiple fighting frameworks.
  • New Characters with unique moves and fighting techniques.
  • Take Challenges and play with your own team/squad.
  • Unlocks New Characters & features after winning stages.
  • User Responsive interface with the 3D animated game.
  • Gallery of multiple themes with no add-on requirements.
  • Tekken 3 apk available in multiple languages.

Tekken 3 BattleField

This game is for the intense power of Martial Arts, Tekken Force: a paramilitary organization is formed, the Fifteen years after the King of the Iron Fist Tournament 2, to protect Mishima Zaibatsu.
Once, A group of Soldiers of Tekken 3 Force searched for a temple which is so ancient in Mexico under the excavation project. During excavation, a mysterious and malevolent ‘Ogre’ the militant attacked over the forces. When Heihachi knows about the orge and his immense fighting power, he hopes to capture him for harnessing. Soon after, various known martial artists get missing or dead from all over the world, Heihachi realized ogre behind it.
Jun Kazama lived and enjoyed his beautiful life in Yakushima with her young son Jin Kazama, after the previous tournament event. However, Jun begins to sense that she is the Ogre’s next target, Jun instructs Jin, to approach Heihachi if something happens. After the 15th birthday of Jin, ogre attacks over Jun. To seen attack over his mother, Jin valorously tries to fight with ogre, but through a single punch, he knocks jin unconscious. After, Jin goes to his grandfather Heihachi,and explains all the situations, and begs him to start training to become strong enough for revenge. Heihachi accepts Jin’s request, trains him, and sends him to Mishima High School For training.

tekken 3 game

Four Year Later, Jin became a Mishima karate style master. Heihachi announces the tekken tag tournament 3, on Jin’s birthday, now Jin is absolutely ready to face orge in the upcoming battle, but he has no idea that Heihachi is secretly harnessing him because he wants to capture ogre.

In tekken tag tournament 3 finale. Paul Phoenix defeats orge and leaves the tournament. Where tekken 3 ogre converts into ‘True Ogre’ and the battlefield continues with the next level, In temple Jin confronts True ogre and defeats him as well as become a New Champion of King of Iron Fist Tournament 3. Suddenly a Tekken force attack over Jin, and he led down on the earth, and Heihachi fired a Final Headshot to his grandson Jin. Quickly within a second Jin’s Devil form activated automatically, Jin reawakens and attacks Heihachi on the temple wall and flies from there.

Check Out Tekken 3 Mini Games BattleField

Tekken Force mini-game: Tekken 3 inside various stages, or we can announce it as a mini-game called Tekken Force. This mini-game allows the player to fight against various enemies in different stages. Once a player selects a character and becomes a Tekken Force member and fights through four stages, When the character beats an enemy, he will get a key, if continuously he beats up to the fourth stage where the boss is Dr. Bosconovitch if beaten, Than the player gets an opportunity to unlock the playable tekken 3 characters.

Tekken Ball mini-game: Another mini-game announced as a Tekken Ball inside a Tekken 3 apk. This game is such as volleyball, where two-player with the opponent courts and endeavors for serious damage with a heavy ball. Strikethrough full energy damage the opponent and count the points whereas small strict is negligible. If you continuously strike strongly hit, that will cause massive damage to the opponent, and it will be towards the winning stage, and finally, you will get a win and become a king tekken 3 game play.

How To Get Tekken 3 APK 2020 Free?

Tekken season 3 is a new edition towards the Tekken game series which is basically designed for PS2 players, This game is for the Intense power of BattleField, Tekken game series and its all seasons is full of adventure and thrill. follow the guided-point to download the game play.

  • Click over tekken 3 download button game links.
  • Set Unknown Source property.
  • Install the Apk in Androids.

NameTekken 3 APK
App Size15.8 MB
DeveloperNAMCO Entertainment
Total Download100,000,000+
License TypeFree!

Download Tekken 3 For PC

  • Click above mention tekken 3 free download link.
  • Get the Emulator through any playstore and install it on PC.
  • Then install the tekken 3 apk download file on the PC.
  • Now you may use this apk over Windows Or Mac PC.

How To Use Tekken 3 Game

Tekken 3 game zone has provided the player a HEALTH METER, which shows the character’s overall life when to deplete your opponent’s health meter to 0 continuously, you will get the win. CONSECUTIVE WINS display your victory, which you have reached up in a row. PLAYTIME shows the time left from you started the battle round. ROUND COUNTER collects your points to win the match. The PAUSE MENU helps to switch between Arcade Mode, VS. Mode or Team Battle Mode.

tekken tag tournament Fight

The battlefield is dependent on a set of rules, tekken tag tournament 3 begins with the listed instruction all the players follow, such as MATCH TIME LIMIT is a scheduled 40 minute per round, and the player with more points in his health meter will win the match. MODE SELECTION gives you the authority to select the multiple modes such as arcade mode, vs. mode, team battle mode, survival mode, time attack mode Tekken force mode, practice mode, and option mode single click over the title screen. Following are the ATTACKS, which player can use within the ring such as Tackle, Running cross arm, Sliding dash, Unblockable tackle, Supercharge, Standing guard, Crouching guard, Ground attack, Trample attack.

Introducing New Tekken 3 Characters

Tekken game series is updated with the third-installation for Android apk, with a more and new exciting character with his unique moves in the ring, you can see a few of your previous favorite characters too in the Tekken 3 game, Anna Williams, Naina Williams, Heihachi Mishima, Paul Phoenix, Yoshimitsu all are a very known player of the previous tournament. Tekken 3 is full of Thrill with the new exciting characters at a glance with these new ones.

tekken 3 characters

  • Bryan Fury: Bryan fury through cybernetic equipment revived character, Who is killed in the shootout before.
  • Eddy Gordo: Eddy Gordo, a capoeira fighting style player. EddyIs the most popular 3D game character.
  • Forrest Law: A bruce lee’s style fighter in this series. He is Marshal Law’s son.
  • Jin Kazama: Son of Kazuya Mishima and Jun Kazama. Jin is a master of Mishima karate style. He is the main character of the series.
  • Dr. Bosconovitch: Scientist genius but silly, and he is Yoshimitsu’s friend.
  • Ogre: A mysterious militant or God of Fighting. Ogre is behind to disappear from various martial artists, either dead or missing.
  • Yoshimitsu tekken 3 most interesting players.


Tekken 3 comes with the King of Fist Tournament 3 and get a new special tekken 3 characters with diverse attack & moves technique for a fascinating game lover, Download the latest version of tekken 3 apk and enjoy with your friends the games adventure & Thrill, or play tekken 3 for pc with the Emulator to get a better gaming experience in Ultra HD-Screen. Play this game and use a new weapon, Attack, Moves, Throws to your opponent and kill them to unlock the new world’s best martial art characters and enjoy the series with tekken 3 iso, android or pc versions.

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